Are there any mamas who rock their baby to sleep every time they sleep?


I rock my 6 month old baby girl to sleep every night and for every nap. She usually falls asleep with 2-3 minutes then I rock her another 10 then lay her down. Sometimes she sleeps 2-4 hours sometimes she only sleeps 10-20 minutes. I’m wondering if there are other moms who do the same and their baby sleeps through the night. How old is your baby? What do you do to help them sleep? I have her on a strict schedule nap at 10 am nap at 2 pm then bedtime at 630 and we have a bedtime routine we do every day. I’m just looking for any other tips. I do not want to sleep train. No judgement for those who do but we tried it and it just wasn’t for us. This will probably be my only baby and I honestly enjoy rocking her. Even if your baby doesn’t sleep through the night I’d like to hear from other mamas who rock their babies. Because I get a lot of judgment for it from moms who sleep train.