needing serious advice

to some it might not be a big deal but to me it is. maybe I overreact. I'm so sad and down all the time about my husband and his work. my husband always was the type to look at other girls infront of me and deny it. anyways, what really makes me upset is that he works downtown in a very busy popular entertainment district. I guess I'm insecure. clearly there are girls walking around half naked and my husband sees everything. I asked him and he says yes he sees. i am 7 months pregnant and I feel ugly and fat and i barely initiate sex with him because i just cant get in the mood for it. also I'm so uncomfortable in my own skin right now. I dont know what to do or if anyone has a similar situation. I'm so desperate for someone to tell me not to worry. I know he wouldn't cheat but his work bothers me because hes out n about at night in club district. sorry if j just sound like an idiot going on and on.