Is it wrong? 🌲🚬

I live in California I’m 26 years old and my parents are against pot. I’ve been smoking it for the last 4 years or so. I have a 6 month old- she’s not exposed to pot whatsoever and I have my sister who can drive if I need her to. We live together. I have really bad depression and the only way I keep myself happy is if I smoke- not heavily. I’m well aware of what I’m doing my baby is always happy and taken care of by me. I vape it and I still shower after I vape. I want to tell my sister and family the truth but I feel that they will all be upset and will get angry at me and criticize me. I’m an adult I feel like what I do to myself is up to me as long as it doesn’t ruin my life or impact my baby. I’ve gone through a bad relationship recently he has broken me and that’s why I’m depressed I feel like the effects of abuse have impacted my mental state I’m no longer happy no matter what I do... I’ve been to a counselor I’ve tried everything and nothing can make me feel happy. I cry all the time if I don’t smoke or vape. But...I feel somethings should be kept a secret maybe this is one of them? Is it wrong that I’ve denied that I smoke/vape pot? I also never do it inside the house it’s always outside I make sure that I have a backup plan in case my baby has an emergency (lyft). I keep the pot in a smell proof container in the back of my trunk hidden. It’s not in the house. I have sole/physical/legal custody. What are your opinions? Is it wrong? Should I come clean?

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