Help a sista out

Klverin • My name is Elana but people call me klyverin (character from a friends book he’s trying to publish) and I wish all you flow sisters an almost painless period ((total painless would be great though😂)

So I’m in a long distance relationship and we don’t talk as much as we used to... I kinda feel like the feelings aren’t there anymore and now I think I’m getting feelings for my best friend who goes to the same school as me who I will be seeing a lot here soon when school starts. I don’t know what to do cause I want to make it work with my bf but I feel as though it’s one sided. Also what do I do about my crush on my friend?


So my crush and I were playing the number game and I asked who his crush is and he said it was complicated, I knew he liked me at one point cause he admitted it to me once but he works at the pool and I think he likes another girl now and I found out that he likes ginger girls, pale skin,freckles, and bright blue eyes. ((Oddly specific)) and it’s the opposite of me.... and my bf and I don’t even talk anymore...