Baby boy pees everywhere— help!

Allison • 25 years old, 2 miscarriages in ‘15 & ‘16. Married 💍. 💙 KJS 6/30/18 💙 BBS 4/29/22

Ok ladies, I’m a FTM of a baby boy and I’m a little clueless. He pees at pretty much every diaper change, and no matter how hard I try to cover him up, pee ends up getting everywhere.

I tried using a wipe, pulling his diaper down to expose him to cool air and pulling it back up, using a cloth diaper to catch the pee, etc. He’s a very squirmy baby so it’s impossible to just drape something over him while I wipe him up and put diaper cream on. I can’t just put his clean diaper on as soon as I pull the dirty one off because he poops at literally every diaper change so I have to wipe him up.

We’re burning trough onesies like crazy and there’s pee on so many blankets! Help! What do you use to cover up your sons?