To the person who posted this, (if anyone can relate to this quote please share your experience or advice if you can, just for her or each other’s support)


I just want to say that you’re not alone. A lot of people go through the same thing. And I wanted to share my experience but the post was deleted

(I excluded her paragraph because it was personal and she probably deleted it for a reason)

“I know this feeling a million percent. This post gives me memories of when I was at my peak of depression. I had this “friend” (we liked each other but didn’t let ourselves be together) and we were really close but we bonded because he had depression and I’ve never met someone who had it as well and we understood each other that way. He used to call me when he was contemplating and I would be there as fast as I could even if it was 3 am. I was there. But whenever I contemplated I hardly ever called him. I remember one time I drove up the mountains stuck in my thoughts (10 min drive) and I was going to drive my car off a cliff/edge of the road. I was so committed but then he called me saying he wasn’t feeling himself (what we called it) and I drove back down and helped him out. Honestly I’m the end of our friendship we ended things very badly. But the thing that helped to pick me up from my peak was marijuana. Not saying you have to try it but it honestly pulled me out of my deepest pit. I don’t smoke anymore in this stage of my life because I don’t feel like I needed it but I’m always thankful it helped me. And I hope I don’t go back. (Although it’s been a constant life battle. Good luck girl find something good for yourself and focus on healing. Depression has its worst moments and after that you just have to work on making your days brighter❤️ good luck🌺