My dog eat my pads/tampons


So when I first got my dog he was a puppy and his favorite spot was the bathroom

We let him be in there and what not but one day I saw his fur was red and his a white dog so thought he ate the red velvet cackle from the trash when I got closer I’m like Thant’s not cake an I took him to the bathroom for a bath and found the whole bathroom floor had blood all of it and a tampon I wrapped up in toilet paper.

THE DOG AT HALF IF THE TAMPON idk if he is attracted to the smell of what

That continued for months and I erred everything to stop if I’m on my period and I have to throw away my used item I put it a baby diaper bag that smells like lavender and he still got to it

I put it in a plastic bag and put it in the downstairs kitchen trash he got to it. When we let in in the year he knows down the trash cans and he gets to it. In this past week I gave him 4 baths and it’s only Tuesday.

Please help me