Here Is My Birth Story We Our Blessed🤱🏻


Here is my birth story we went in on a Monday night 7-10-18 at 7:30 pm they started to induce me at 38 Weeks pregnant.

But I was not dilating much that night.

Tuesday they gave me some meds through IV dilate my cervix to open me for delivery.

But it was not working to well I was doing some thinning.

So my OBGYN was called up she wanted to try doing a catheter with a foley balloon to open me up.

I remember it being very painful.

So they put it in till ballon would pop or balloon would fall out of cervix.

I started having contractions really good so they gave me my epidural.

Then later I was checked I was dilated to a five.

They later then broke my water for delivery.

They was monitoring Ryker our baby then they noticed the positions I was placed in was causing problems for Ryker his charts on the monitor was off.

They was getting concerned.

They thought my cord could be wrapped around him.

So they made the call for me to have a Emergency C- section done right away that night.

So I went in had a C-section delivery done.

Ryker came at 9:29 at night Tuesday the 10th.

He had coated only one time.

He had quite breathing he had breathed in some fluid.

They got him breathing again quickly.

He was taken to a NICU

He had fluid on his lungs and a small hole in his lung.

He started to do better the third day in Small NICU.

They started to notice he had acid reflex real bad.

So they put him on Zantac and formula for spit up.

He had to be taught how to eat it took time.

It took two weeks before we could bring him home.

He is our miracle baby because my husband and me tried for like four years for a baby.

We been to like two or Three OBGYN’s for help got no where.

We had almost lost hope started the process of fostering to adopt.

It became a big huge miracle I got the news I was pregnant last year in 2017.

We feel that God has truly blessed our lives.