my doctors office is so...


INCOMPETENT! I swear I wish I had some place else to go, I wish I had time to find somewhere else.

This has been a nightmare. First the Nurse Midwife tells me that if my HCG levels are over 3000 they will do an ultrasound. They come back at almost 4000. What do they do? Call and tell me I'm only about 4 weeks and they need to draw it again in 48 hours. So, I do.

Then nothing. They claimed to have called both my home and cell...but I know they didnt. So I called them and since my levels didnt double I have to this again. Then they may do an ultrasound.

Levels drop. But no cramps no bleeding. Now I get to see the OB. But no ultrasound scheduled. So weekend #2 spent so stressed I'm sick.

Yesterday I see the OB. He is concerned. He is annoyed they didnt do an ultrasound or repeat blood work WITH progesterone testing. so he orders everyrhing and gets the tech to squeeze me in before she left.

Ultrasound shows #1 it's not tubal and #2 the gestational sac is empty. Now to wait on blood work.

HGC comes back...its raised! But no peogeteron results. So, I call them and in yet another round of email/phone tag I learn that they didnt draw enough blood and now in have to go back TOMORROW!

The OB told yeaturday that it is more than likely a miscarriage...which I've been suspecting for a while. He told me my options and I requested a D&C; done Thursday because I MUST go out if town next week with my daughter and I'm terrified, with my luck, I'll start bleeding out while in the hotel alone. Then what? My DD is 13 years old and doesn't need that trama on her birthday. I dont know what to do anymore. this