Men giving unsolicited advice at gym?

Soo I’ve been going to the gym regularly for about two months. I’ve used most machines dozens of time, I always read the instructions on the machine and if I’m confused I’ll look it up to make sure I have proper form. Today I was on the low row machine and I noticed a guy about 22/23 kept looking at my friend and I while we were exercising. After we were done, he motioned for me to “come here.” I came to him and he said “hey, make sure when you’re on the low row machine you keep your legs straight (then he pointed to his legs and said “like this.”) “Do it like this. Don’t bend them.”


In the picture on the machine it shows to keep your knees slightly bent AND when I looked it up, in every single video the person has their knees slightly bent.

I just replied “ok” and went on with my workout lol.

What is it that makes people, especially men think women want their incorrect input? Smh. If I had been doing the exercise wrong I would still be annoyed but also understand but really? Ugh.