Vow renewal


So I’m thinking about talking to my husband about renewing our vows sometime within the next year or two. We’ve been married almost 2 years, met in middle school but officially together since high school, and this second year has been really trying not to mention on top of it all we just had our first baby 3 weeks ago. I feel as though once we’ve grown through this rough patch a vow renewal will be like that breath of fresh air, positive, new beginning to our marriage type of step. Plus, we never had a “real “ wedding, just got married at the court house with our immediate family (our parents, my sister & nephew) & lately we’ve both been feeling down about that so I know for sure I want to have a legit ceremony. Anyone ever done this? Any tips or input? Also, any advice on strengthening a marriage, growing together & just making our marriage last? Divorce is nothing either of us want but we’ve both never had a positive influential marriage to look up to so we’re learning as we go. (Got married at age 20, & currently he’s 22 & I’m 21)