Am I overreacting?

Me and my husband got in the car today and his phone automatically connected to the Bluetooth. Well a link to a pornographic video popped up on the display, meaning a website that he had previously been on. I asked him about it numerous times and he continuously lied to me telling me that it was probably some ad or something and swore he didn’t watch it. Eventually he admitted to watching it and this is his reasoning. Now I don’t care so much about him watching porn. We have discussed it before and it was in agreement that it is not okay. However, I don’t care so much about him watching it than I do his reasoning for watching it and continuously lying about it. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and already feeling down about myself and the way I look but this just makes me feel like crap. Do you ladies think I’m overreacting or do I have good enough reason to be upset? TIA