Need to vent a little


I just feel really overwhelmed right now so I'm just gonna let it all out

I had my daughter on May 6th. She'll be 3 months old soon and I think its time for a small break. My fiance and I have an odd situation. I stay at home with our daughter and he works night shift as a truck driver. This means his sleep is really really important bc he drives for a living and you can't drive safe if you're tired. Which means he can't get up with our daugther during our sleeping hours.... which means I've been getting up every few hours literally every single day for the entire time she's been here. Almost 3 months straight of not one single night of normal sleep. I think I'm losing it a little. He also sleeps in a seperate room very often so she doesn't wake him up when she wakes me up to eat, and that really sucks. I hate it so much and theres not really anything I can do about it. On top of that I've had trouble losing the pregnancy weight and its made me lose almost all my self esteem which kinda just makes me feel worse about myself. I don't know if theres a name for what I'm feeling but I think I'm gonna go crazy if I don't find a way to start feeling better soon. I'm hoping we can get my fiances mom to watch our little girl for a night sometime soon. I think I'll sleep for like 15 hours straight lmao. I'm just like insanely exhausted. Who knew something so small and cute could take so much out of you. Here's my sweet girl, Amiyah. Love her with all my heart but I think its time for a sleepover at grandma and grandpas house!!