Trying to fix myself.

I spent almost 6 years in a relationship with a guy who cheated on my the entire time, lied to me, accused me of cheating almost every single day, made me feel like shit all the time, always picked arguments with me.. it was a very emotionally/mentally abusive relationship. Well, he passed away over a year ago and it took a huge toll on me. I was a mess for months. However, I met a new guy.. fell in love. And hes GREAT to me. But im so screwed up from my last relationship and i dont know how to stop it. I trust him but i cant help the doubts, the "what ifs" & the "maybes". Im clingy because of this, and a little needy. He doesnt seem to mind me being a little clingy and needy, but i want to get rid of all of the doubts and im not sure how.

Weve been together almost 6 months now, i just feel like the doubts should be gone by now but theyre not.