Skin upkeep


I have always had great facial skin, never really needed lots of make-up, so I never wore it really. I also have sensitive facial skin. I have always wanted to moisturize, but can never find one that does not make me break out or look greasy. I also can only use Aveeno Ultra-calming facewash, which is for sensitive skin. But the moisturizer in that line does not work with my skin for some reason. I am starting to notice a change in my skin as I get older, I get blackheads on my nose more and my pores are looking rougher. I would love to be able to protect it and get it back to where it was. I do not want to go out and keep buying tons of different brands and have them not work. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am at a loss. (my hair and scalp are just as bad, but after years I think I finally found something that works)