no surprise

I got back with my ex who had cheated on me because I really thought I loved him and really wanted to try and work things out. Well, things didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. He began this new thing where he treated me like shit, then blamed it on an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. He would legit FLIP and then be like “I’m sorry it’s my BPD.” It’s not at all. I lived with him for two years prior to this then he left me and moved to California. He did not have bipolar disorder he was just a big fucking asshole. I don’t know what I was thinking or why I thought it would work hes a piece of shit who needs to be in control of everything and if he’s not he flips out and then comes to me crying saying it’s not his fault 🙄🙄 you’re just an asshole and that’s all there is to it.