Am I miscarrying?


I am 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. This past Sunday I started bleeding like I was having my period. At that point I had not even been to the doctor to confirm anything, but had already done 4 positive hpt’s. I called my doctor on Monday and was told to come in on Tuesday. I went in and they confirmed that I am pregnant and they drew blood to check my HCG level. I was told to come back today (Thursday) to do another blood draw so that they could compare my HCG level from Tuesday to today’s. I was told if the levels went down that I was miscarrying. So I get a call from the nurse a little while ago and was told that my HCG levels have not changed from Tuesday and that I’ll need to come back next Tuesday to do another blood draw. Has anyone ever been through anything like this? I was prepared to hear one way or the other, but was not expecting no change at all. What could this mean???