Hand me downs you find tacky

Honestly what do you do when someone tries to give you baby/kids cloths you personally find tacky or worn out, my SO mother’s friend is trying to give us very tacky dresses and a lot of them are washed out and worn out, I feel bad to decline them as they’re doing it out of the good of their heart and have no one else to give them too but I really will never dress my child in them I can afford brand new cloths from the store so it’s not like I’m desperate or asking for them I just wish people would ask before agreeing I’m always left out of the loop in his family and find myself in this situation, idk what to do 🤦🏻‍♀️

* can’t donate them without my partner getting upset he’s angry at me right now because I don’t like them he said it’s “stupid to find second hand clothing tacky” but they’re really worn out that’s what’s making them tacky and has had a conversation about how “she’ll be in them constantly” 😒 like I said I’m left out of the loop with his family and he’s brining them home right now, they also aren’t baby clothes they’re for when she’s older (2-3, 4-5) so I’m expect to keep them for all this time just getting older and more worn out. I also have a son so I know how it is with baby’s I don’t need sarky comments on what it’s like.