Tribute name?


My mother died when I was 18 in 2010. She will forever be my hero and my most treasured memory. We're having our first girl, we found out on my mother's birthday also. Her name was Pamela, so of course my first thought was to name our daughter after her, the thing that has me questioning it is my Mom didn't exactly love her name, and it's not my favorite either, I think Ela would be a cuter nickname than Pam.

The other name is because my mom's favorite band by far was the Beatles. Beatles songs were the whole soundtrack to my childhood. So Eleanor would be from the song Eleanor Rigby. I'm so torn because I like Eleanor better but I feel like it's not as good of a tribute as naming her after my mom directly.. Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. Side note, my son's name is Augustus, we like older names.

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