due date change after 2nd ultrasound?


I went in to my ultrasound today thinking I was 8w1d, but the tech said I am measuring 6w1d. But it doesn’t make sense to me...

My cycle is super regular (29 days) and I was using ovulation strips to conceive (+OPK 7/18), so I was almost certain of how far along I am. LMP 7/3

I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks to check things out. I know they go by size, but the timeline isn’t adding up to me. First baby, so this is all strange and new.

Has anyone had their due date moved and then shifted again upon a follow up ultrasound? I’m hoping she checks again and magically I’m where I think I should be instead of where she adjusted me to today. Just wondering if there’s a chance it’ll switch again!