I don’t want to bring my bf to an RSVP wedding any more


My SO’s been treating me like absolute shit lately. He turns into a little dog when hungry, makes me say yes to everything he wants, doesn’t want to be there for me when I’m sick or stressed—if you thought of a faithful asshole partner, he’d be the living definition of that.

Last Saturday, he told me I’ve gained weight post-sex, gave me shit about eating bad food that doesn’t help me through my workout regime. I was having pre-magic cravings and packed on 5 lbs that could’ve easily been lost.

Next day, we spend our Sunday afternoon watching Crazy Rich Asians and on our way back to his apartment, we started getting followed by a huge black guy. My bf is only 5’4. Regardless of his size and build, he went on with his one-sided conversation while I was getting hit on by this stranger. I tried to walk straight while this guy kept telling me “hey pretty, where you going? Come hang out with me” with my bf by my side doing nothing to make me feel safe. This guy finally whacked my hand, I got freaked out, rushed over to the other side of my bf. He didn’t do anything to help, and continued to talk until he we got to his apartment.

As soon as we got to his place, he proceeded to browse Facebook and Youtube and neglected me while I was ripping my shirt off my back from the cold sweats and endured my panic attack. I was absolutely fed up with this bs and distanced myself from him over the past four days.

And to his comment about the extra gains, I hit the gym every single day and restricted my diet to losing all that 4.5lbs that he bitched about in a matter of 3 days.

I had RSVPed to a friend’s wedding a month ago. I had carefully asked for him to join me on our first vacation together. We had a huge fight then also and I only asked when I felt confident enough that this would work out.

The wedding is this Saturday and I don’t feel comfortable bringing him. I just told the bride, but the seating arrangements are fixed and I can’t even bring another date.

My bf was begging on his knees to give him one last chance to fix himself up, and genuinely wants to join me this Saturday. Honestly, with the way he’s treated me, I don’t feel ready to bring him before people I grew up with the past 10 years of my life. He doesn’t deserve any of this.

I asked one of my gfs to join me but in the case that the +1 is definite, I am seriously lost as to how I’m going to handle my bf’s ass at such a joyous occasion.