I am done

Rant ahead.

I CANNOT take it anymore. I am so fucking done and this is my secret. I HATE my cousin right now, and cannot stand her youngest.

Me and my husband are currently living in her spare bedroom as our previous landlord kicked us out and the newest landlord is currently putting our new house together. It had to be fully renovated and due to an accident my brother had that put us all on hold as I'm 38, now, weeks pregnant and was helping my mom and new landlord get the house ready to waive the security deposit.

Back to main rant.

I am fine with helping watch my cousin watch her kids, single mom, one dad is out of state and the other works and takes his son on the weekends as he's in the shitty school district; do chores and pay for our share of stuff. However my husband has too kind of a heart. She wants to move to the town we'll be living in, our landlord will have a place for her after ours is ready, and offered to let her stay with us thinking it would be under a month of her staying with us, like we are with her.

Turns out she wants to live there with us for almost 3 fucking months!

I CANNOT have both of her kids on top of my newborn in a house that long, with me in this house her oldest has gotten much better, more respectful and is having alot less issues.

The youngest however is still a disrespectful little asshole. He is abusing our dog and any trouble he does she will not punish him in anyway, she just laughs.

We've asked them to be nice to our animal(s), we have cats that will be at the new house with us but are currently elsewhere to respect her home more, because if our animals are rough with them they will think it'll be okay to be rough with the new baby and hurt her.

The youngest comes into our room and will tear it apart because he finds it funny, break our shit and be a all around terror.

Tonight I'm babysitting because she has to work overnight and I work during the day. Well she didn't pay her internet bill past couple of months, which I understand because she had to get a new car due to hers dying and being unfixable on top of the more important bills.

I put the kids to bed and the youngest starts a bitch fit because I didn't turn the tv on. Legit screaming and crying because I wouldn't turn it on when the only way it'll work is with internet due to her having a chrome cast and me only knowing how to cast from my phone. I explain it's broken and mommy has to fix it, the oldest is a GEM and would normally bitch fit about this as well but was like okay mom can fix it tomorrow, the youngest only gets worse. I put him in timeout and it doesn't work. He keeps getting up to go to his bed where he sleeps with his brother currently due to his rooms flooring being redone, his brother is trying to sleep and is starting to snap as his head starts to hurt.

I put him in timeout again and in the sternest voice I can tell him to stop crying the tv is broken no movies tonight. Once he's done crying he can go back to bed I said.

Well he just stopped about 2 minutes ago so I let him go to bed and it sounds likes he's finally passed out.

I'm just not sure I can handle them living with me while I have a newborn as I'm certain my cousin is going to flip a switch and just pass the kids off to me 24/7 when I have maternity leave. I just don't know what to do.