Opinions on 11 month old not sleeping..

So my son is 11 months old. He has never slept through the night, he’s always up every 1-2 hours & has always been so it’s not some leap or anything. He has severe GERD which is the reason the doctors believe he won’t sleep. (He’s been hospitalized for his GERD at 5 months). He’s been up 9-12 times a night and lately it’s been sending me into a depression. After 11 months of this, I’m going completely mad. I brought him to the doctor & the doctor says it’s very unhealthy for him to not be sleeping.. he recommended that I give him Benadryl to make him sleep.. honestly I don’t feel comfortable with that. He’s already on medicine 2x a day for his GERD-which isn’t enough (going back to specialist at the end of this month). I don’t want to put him on any other medication. Yes he’s breastfed, he finishes eating 30 minutes before I lay him down to sleep.. when he wakes up throughout the night, most times he goes back to sleep when I pick him up, less than half the time he’ll demand breasts. My SO is currently in a different country -since LO was 4 months & isn’t coming home until October, so I’ve had no help. He doesn’t nap long either .. so I guess my question is should I give him the Benadryl? I really don’t feel comfortable, but I also understand that it’s not healthy for him to be getting so little sleep each day..