Heartbroken 😔

My boyfriend and i have only been together since June, and I’m 13 weeks pregnant. The other day I saw that this girl was his favorite on his call list. The girl who is his ex he claims he hasn’t talked to in over a year. He said it was just a fling.I got upset and called her just to see what’s going on and it turns out theyve been together for 2 years!!! I asked her if she knows he has a baby on the way and she said yes!! What the hell? Not sure why she’d want to be with him after that. We exchanged screenshots because he made the whole thing seem like I’m not shit and that he doesnt want anything to do with me or the baby, but then he tells me how happy he is and can’t wait to build a family with me. It was devastating to read texts between them from a few weeks ago about him telling her he wants to marry her and shit. When i try to talk to him about it, he gets mad and says we’re past all that. He claims to want to work things out with me but his whole attitude has changed toward me, and I’m obviously worried that he didn’t break things off with the other girl because i honestly feel like he hasn’t. I know i deserve 100% better but I’m just so damn heartbroken over this. How could he!? I’m sitting at home with a high risk pregnancy, getting sick every day and he’s out building a life with someone else? I’m so sick 😭😩 sorry for the long post. I just need some kind of support because honestly i just wish i was dead most of the time 😥