Diflucan safe?

Olivia 🌷 • M💍. H👼🏼. B😸.

I’ve never had a yeast infection before so I’m not entirely familiar with what the symptoms or treatment are like but I went to the doctor today and they gave me a single dose (150mg) diflucan pill and topical cream. They did a pregnancy test and it was negative but I’m only 8dpo so I still might be. 🤞🏻 They said it’s safe to take but I’m still worried. I applied the cream but it’s more inside that’s sore at this point so I think I need the pill.

I’m thinking about holding off taking the pill until I either get a positive test or get my period. I’ve had the infection for about 5 days but the clinic near my house is only open a few hours a day and during the time I work so I didn’t get to go until today. Is it bad to hold off even longer just to see if I am pregnant and then reassess what I should take? Any advice would be appreciated!