Pain/pressure: when to call the doctor

Breanna • little man born 02/2019 💙

(I’m 16+4) My doctor seems to think it’s a little funny when I complain about pain or pressure. I told him at my last appointment that I had been uncomfortable and he said “oh boy, if you’re uncomfortable now...” So I don’t like to complain. But today when I stand up I feel an intense pressure that is a little painful, and it hurts in my back too. I’m fine sitting down (in fact, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the baby move, the flutters/popcorn whatever in my pelvis) but when I stand it hurts. I’ve read some of y’all complaining about Braxton Hicks, do you think this could be that? Should I call the doctor or chalk it up to “normal pregnancy”? I haven’t had an appointment since 13 weeks and don’t have another till 20.