Period after baby.

Maishell • • JAYDEN & JAZLYN •

I had my daughter a little over six weeks ago, my postpartum bleeding never completely stopped, it went from spotting then bleeding again on aug. 23, right before my postpartum check up. Well when I went in they never check me down there, I just told the dr I had started my period, but other than that I wasn’t haven’t any problems with pain or anything and they ended up clearing me which I thought was weird that they didn’t check me but whatever. Anyways, I’ve now been on my period for 2 weeks and a day and it still gets heavy at times. Is this even normal ?

I have an appointment with planned parenthood on the 14th to get my iud since my dr office doesn’t do the iuds, should I bring this up to them? I tried calling my actual Ob office, but their closed today I guess?