I finally have a boyfriend but I feel smothered!!!


So I have not had a formal relationship since maybe I was 14. I just fucked the same person for years at a time. Now I’m in a relationship, which is what I wanted and prayed for. He treats me sooo good and he is sweet, and he also has the bad boy side to him, which even makes him sexier!

But ever since we made it official he constantly wants to spend time with me. We have fun together, but I’m also a single mom who just sometimes needs to be by myself. Because I’ve been by myself for sooo long.

So tonight I asked him if he could stay home and I just see him first thing in the morning. He kind of took it personal and stated “that’s just wasting the time, we would have together”... but mind you I was just with him for 3days straight.

Ladies any advice ????....because I love this man but at times I just need space.