Is this a UTI orrrr...?

Totally TMI post sorry!!

So I've had a shiiiiiton if sex these past few days and last night I thought I had a UTI. I went to pee and it burned a bit towards the end, and my pee had blood in it. However, I'm also in that weird off my period but not quite all the way off phase of my cycle. So I don't know if it was my pee or just leftover period. This morning my pee was still orangey red. At around 10ish it went totally back to a normal color, but it still felt weird towards the end of my pee-not really burning but definitely not a pleasant feeling. The last few drops are still a weird murkyish color, but not enough to make the pee not yellow.

Is this a UTI? I can't go to the doctor because my mom will freak out if it's a UTI and kill me because I'm a heathen. I know <a href="">Eve</a> isn't full of doctors, I just would like to know if anyone has any ideas about what's happening to me or if you've had a similar experience.