Dead inside .

I'm 10w pregnant tomorrow, me and my SO had an all day fight over another Male friend I was texting. Later that night I got a huge panic attack and told my SO I didnt want to live anymore, he said to me why haven't I been texting him. I said because I've been crying and all he wanted me to do is send a snapshot of my snapchat...I just told him I wanted to kill myself . He didnt even care, all he cares about is who I was texting . I said what is your problem and he blocked me on ig..this is the first time in a long time that i needed him..i needed his support...he couldn't give that to me because of what he was focused on..I need to move on.. for me and my baby . On top of all of that i haven't been feeling well.i guess I'm not anything to him even if I have his baby inside me..