Allergic reaction to Winhro (Rhogam) shot??


I’m a little late to post, but I thought I would share my short story & ask anyway.. I had my baby girl on January 21st, 2018 at 4:14 PM, she was 6 days early. My water broke while at a restaurant with my bf & some friends, we went to the hospital & I was induced with pitocin 7 hrs later. Labor went relatively easy, the nurse had to deliver because the doctor didn’t make it in the room on time. Of course it was EXTREMELY painful, but all worth it in the end.

Because I have Rh negative blood, the nurse came in hours after the birth to give me my RhoGAM shot for the second time (I also had it at my 28 wk check up) but this time I immediately had a reaction to it. My throat & body felt itchy, tingly, I had shortness of breath, my skin turned blotchy, swollen & red, my speech was slurred, & I had a high fever. The nurse pressed the emergency button & in seconds the room filled up with people. They injected me with something similar to Benedryl & monitored me until my symptoms went away. The doctor said it is extremely rare to have a reaction to the RhoGAM shot, but apparently it’s possible.

I was very surprised because the first time I received the shot I didn’t have any bad reaction to it. She answered my question by saying “it’s possible to not have a reaction the first time, but the more times your body is exposed to it, the more worse the symptoms will be”.

Has anyone else experienced this?

The RhoGAM (Winrho) injection helps to protect the fetus by avoiding my blood to create antibodies towards the baby if he/she has Rh positive blood cells.

I have another appointment coming up with an allergist to see what I will do for future pregnancies.