My mom is image driven

I love my mom but I can see through my moms flaws as I’ve gotten older. My mom constantly makes remarks about mothers looking better than their daughters. She always pulls up pics of everyone that she knows and criticizes everything about them and makes it like her pictures don’t have any flaws. My mom is very image driven she pulls up horrible pics of me and laughs at my funny looking pictures. My mom is nice looking but my mom down puts a lot of people she will literally zoom in on every picture of ppl and criticize their teeth,hair, if they look young or old. It’s draining because it’s always an image competition with her she bases values on pictures. That makes me feel really awful because yes I don’t take the best pictures so why down ppl who don’t. My mom has never been married and I always wondered I’ve gotten older I realized..I’m a very caring person I always choose to look past superficial things and love a person for who they are. My mom doesn’t she acts like she does but she criticizes them on appearance. It’s draining tbh every woman likes looking good but that shouldn’t be the core of everything..people are more than pictures and looks. Thank you guys.