UTI in very early pregnancy? 😩

Shelby • Happily Married 8.28.15💍 Current Cat Mom x 2 🐈 Soon-to-Be Human Mom 👶 Baby #1 Due July 2019 🤰

My husband and I have been ttc baby #1, and I am due for my period in the next couple days but haven’t had any of my usual PMS symptoms. I’m 10dpo and got a bfn when I tested using a first response with first morning urine today. Shortly after, I started having urinary urgency and then I noticed a pretty significant amount of blood in my urine. (Not af... it’s definitely coming from my urethra). I’ve never had a UTI and have read that a) they are common in early pregnancy and b) they can be dangerous to a fetus.

So, has anyone had a bad UTI right before finding out you’re pregnant? And do you think there’s a chance of pregnancy even with a bfn today? I plan on going to urgent care to get some antibiotics today, and hopefully it doesn’t progress to my bladder or kidneys.

Thanks for your input!!