Advice Needed. (Don't know how else to title this.)


I need some advice. I haven't gotten a response on the other page I posted on. So hopefully someone on this one can help. My husband and I have talked about him going back Active. A little bit of history: We have been together for all most 4 years now. We met a year after he decided to get out of the Navy. He served 4 years active and 4 years IRR. He got honorably discharged at an E4. He got out because he wanted to settle down, get married and have kids. Ever since we met he has talked about going back Active. He misses it. He misses the commradery. He misses his job. He misses just everything about the Navy. Everything, even the deployments. I am currently going through a custody battle with my daughter from a previous marriage And it's not looking good because false things have been said and done about us. My lawyer quit on me(he sucked anyways). I have no family support because they are the ones who said and did the false things. Anyways, I have already told him if that is what he wants then I am in full support of it. I want it for him so badly but not sure how to express to him that I am in full support other than telling him. Mostly because I feel like I am pushing it on him, not knowing how he really feels. Other than him saying he misses it and that he will go back as a last resort to not finding a job.(Job hunting has led to multiple dead ends.) He is holding on to one right now but the scheduling is killing us as a family. We are almost at this option of him going back Active. I guess what I need to know is how to show him that I support him instead of just telling him? And how do I not seem so pushy about it? How can I help him in the decision making? We are beyond stressed out between court hearings, his job, trying to come up with money for a new lawyer(which I needed like yesterday.), his job is good but the pay sucks in comparison to what he would be making if he did go back Active. Just if anybody could help, please do so. I feel like I am at a loss on what to do or say. And honestly it upsets me to know how much he misses it and seems to wants to go back. I feel like I am to blame because of the crap situation we are in. Just need help.

Edit: Also it has been a real struggle for him to go from military to civilian life. He doesn't have PTSD or psychological issues. He is just having a hard timing settling. Which has a lot to do with him going back Active and why it was brought up in the first place. Jobs (i.e. Burger King, Dominoes, pizza hut) have even turned him down and said he was over qualified.