Husband thinks I'm overreacting

While we were at Costco today, we were standing behind a lady and her middle aged son. My 10 month old is at the stage where she grabs everything. She ended up ripping the receipt off the cash register that belonged to the lady. I quickly grabbed it back from my baby and apologized to the cashier. He implied it wasnt his and I should talk to the lady. I turned to the lady and apologized. She just GLARED at me. She was grinding her jaw. She turned to the cashier and demanded he tape up the receipt. All she bought was eggs and bread so it wasnt that important. So anyways my husband was there and he told me I should watch my daughter. THAT made me angry. The fact that my husband would not stand up for me in front of the lady and blame ME in front of her. I know shes just a bitter old lady and she'll just live her life that way but my husband really pissed me off. He thinks im overreacting and I just came to vent lol

edit: To all the people commenting about personal space.. I was NOT standing anywhere close to the lady. She was towards the end of the line organizing her cart. I was walking forward to hand the cashier my membership card when my infant daughter noticed the receipt printing and snatched it halfway. I was holding her and its not like I have eyes on the back if my head so stop judging. I ALWAYS watch my kids when we're out in public. I realize the receipt is important to some people but I apologized to her TWICE and she did not say a word to me. She just gave me the nastiest look. Receipt was fixed with tape. I apologized again when they brought it back out. She rolled her eyes and walked away. Nobody is a perfect parent. Even my 5 year old was asking why the lady was so grumpym