He’s never wrong 😒

My boyfriend and I have lived together for 6 months.

Recently he had payed all my bills (I was out of work) he insisted, I didn’t want him to, I felt he’d eventually hold it against me, and he didn’t want me to be behind because we want to buy a house.

These last two months, have been the last months of us renting and now we wanted to buy a house the end of this month.

Money is hard and he didn’t have enough saved for the down payment.

We’ve been fighting like cats and dogs, mostly about money, and every time he blames me for the argument even if I didn’t start it and he is NEVER wrong.

I’ve formulated he’s angry about money, and because I owe him a decent amount of money, that he is starting all these fights and then blaming me.

Our relationship is strained, he hasn’t been as lovey to me, doesn’t ask me how’s my day, or anything ever, doesn’t really snuggle me at night, etc.

And he’s not as respectful to me, (saying really hurtful things in fights).

At the end of this month, our lease is up, it sucks because I don’t want to move all of my furniture back home to my parents house, and stay with them, but I don’t want to move in with him if he can’t begin to respect me.

What do I do 😩