What is he wanting? Confused!

So I hooked up with this guy last week, we hit it off and messed around quite a bit (foreplay, but no sex) in the back seat of a car.

He is now texting with me every day, saying good morning, chats throughout the day about random nothingness, says goodnight usually too... but there doesnt seem to be much substance to the chats. He doesnt ask questions to learn more about me (ie: interests, hobbies, etc). He seems to avoid answering similar questions so I still know very little about his likes & dislikes. Tried asking his favourite music a few times, but I still dont have an answer.

He says he'd like to catch up again, but not suggesting or initiating the topic himself.

Im left confused... is he just wanting a friend to chat with or something more. Why message someone daily for if your not interested? Seems like a waste of time to me. I would have thought he only wants a sexual connection if all he texts were flirty / sexual, but 90% are not.

UPDATE: As suggested by one person, just ask what have I got to lose. So I did. He said he doesnt treat girls like that. Honestly it does contradict to our initial encounter together fooling around in the car so Im still a little skeptical, but he hasnt ran off when being asked questions like this and tried answering, kind of anyway. In my opinion, most guys would have given up when being probed different ways about this topic and tried hassling another girl if they just wanted a booty call. I expected my number to be blocked, deleted by now as Ive got a complicated relationship status that he's respecting too... so if he wanted to stop communicating he could have any time by now, but hasnt ran off yet. We are still communicating daily and I guess learning bits and pieces about one another through general conversation for now. He is super busy with 3 jobs, legit so doesnt have alot of time for seeing girls (me included). He hasnt tried to cash in on a booty call for almost a weeks now either. So go figure!


Well I finally decided to test how much he gave a crap and said I more or less meet someone else to fool around with as he wasnt locking anything in with me and also said I was sick of playing games with him too. He proceeded to block me shortly after. Why he didnt just do so earlier when I tried probing about if he just wanted casual fun and he kept insisting no... I have no idea! Seems he just liked having me like him and kept on the sideline just incase he wanted another try in a few weeks or months time. I wasnt going to hang around waiting. Im gutted that he was clearly full of BS the whole time, but better to know 1 week on instead of months later.