You guys!!!!! SOS 😫

So a guy friend of mine that’s dating my friend... and we all go way back we in our 30s and have know each other since our teens

We all good friends

They’ve had a baby recently and she is not up for sex with him which is totally understandable

Lately when I’ve seen them and she’s goes to feed the baby or whatever he tells me this

Let’s keep in mind I’m NOT interested in this guy at all REGARDLESS OF HIM HAVING A KID AND DATING MY FRIEND that I’ve known way longer than him

He recently told me that she and him have an ‘understanding ‘ which I really call bullsht on and I’m assuming he means he can go and fck whomever cause she won’t

He just straight up told me he wants me in a msg and I’m disgusted to say the least. he has once before soad what if u and I just had fun to which I replied I wild never do that to that to my friend u guys have a kid

I don’t know what to do I see/saw him as a god friend

Both of them confidentes that I would cry to when I’ve been through sht

They have both been there for me

I don’t know how to deal with this sht situation in my already dramaful life 😫😫😫