Everyone thinks my relationship is perfect, but it’s not.

My boyfriend and I seem like a cute couple on the surface level, but what most don’t know is that we fight AT LEAST once a week. We fight over the same old stuff, and I cry most of the time. You’re probably wondering “well why don’t you just end things with him?”, well it’s just not that simple to me. I love him, and things are really really great when we’re not arguing. I just feel so at home when I’m with him but he has the worst habits of never fixing a problem, never wanting compromise (his way or the highway), and lying about the smallest things he THINKS i’d be mad about but really I wouldn’t. I feel like he makes me so happy 3/4 of the time but the other 1/4 is him doing things to make me unhappy, often things I’ve gotten mad at him for before but he does it repeatedly. I feel like I could be happier with someone else, but that I only want him. Ughh I don’t know y’all, we’ve been together a good while (a year & 7 months) and things will get better but then worse again.