Expecting this when he comes home?

My boyfriend of two years is in the army. It’ll soon be a year since he’s been in and we’ve been going strong so far. I love my man and I’m hoping for us to work it out. He’ll be home for Christmas, so that’s the upside! We’ve been talking about marriage every so often, and he seems to take it seriously. It’s something we both want later. We’re young, but we know what we want together. I’m hoping he proposes once he’s back home. I’d understand if he doesn’t, but I honestly want to know what place I hold in his life for the long term. I want to be apart of his future. I have a hard time bringing up this subject to him. 🤷🏻‍♀️ any advice to my rant? Lol. I understand this isn’t entirely relevant to the military group page, but some of you may understand this kind of struggle.

Thank you!