My friend is angry with God


My friend that I’ve known for 6 years says he’s not a believer because he says everyone he’s known who was a genuine believer of Christ has suffered and been used ex. His grandmother was a firm believer and she suffered dementia and lost of her mind at the end of her life.

He can’t understand why a “loving” God would do this to someone. I’ve told him it’s sin and that it happens to everyone even believers.

He says he has no reason to believe in God and that he’s done nothing for him. He’s struggled with major depression and a few years ago alcoholism.

I told him he could ask me anything about God or the Bible and I would give him the best answer to my ability. And he says he already knows the story and he just doesntsee any reason to believe

Can anyone help me with says to minister to him. He’s watched me give my life to Christ and has seen me grow in faith and it hasn’t changed his mind at all. I just need some encouraging words and also prayer if you don’t mind. For him and me.

Thanks for any advice you can give 😊