Judging about ‘expensive’ baby items

I’m not even talking about people on this site but just people in general. Why do women feel it’s necessary to school you on what you should and shouldn’t be buying for your baby and try to make you feel somehow guilty for getting them nice things?

I never brag or would sit there and tell someone how much I spent on something or tell them where it’s from unless they ask the same way I’d never judge or care if someone else was buying things at Walmart, second hand or wherever else they can get a good deal.

So why when I am asked where I got my baby’s furniture and I respond with Pottery Barn Kids I immediately get hate. If I say I bought the owlet and dockatot and love them I just hear “That’s stupid. That’s a waste of money.” Or if I choose to buy a cute outfit from Baby Boden or Nordstrom or a brand name of something it’s always “Why would you spend money on something they are only going to wear for a few months?”

Idk...because i want to. Because we want three to four children and the stuff will be handed down so it is ‘worth it’ in my opinion. I don’t tell anyone else what to do with their money.

Anyone else have this issue with some women?