Wasted Time

So I’ve been talking to a guy for like 7 months now. Everything is cool and nothing is rushed. I just did some snooping and peeped something that I had no clue about. A few months ago (while we are talking) he went to New York which is cool because he’s always going places. Turns out he went with his ex gf. They have the same nature pictures posted and a picture by the same tree.

Today he went out of town and I had no idea. He’s posting all this stuff and for some reason I feel like his ex is with him. He took some photos today and the backgrounds kind of match up to her picture. I am completely pissed off because not only have I wasted my time with him but I also am stupid for believing he was done with her. He talks so bad about her and how she wanted to be married and he didn’t. Also she hit him up a few weeks ago crying because she wanted to get back together and he told me he said no he’s never do that. So honestly I just see him as a liar at this point.

I don’t know for sure if they are together today but I swear if I find out they are, I am done.

I’m so emotional about this because he always goes places and I feel like he never invites me out of town and he knows that I’d be down to go but he’ll take his stupid ex to New York. Like dude are you kidding me. I haven’t told him that I know about New York but I am so close to blowing up on him.