Is it just me?

Am I the only one who looks at my calendar 100 times a day and tries to strategize what pattern of days would be optimal?

Like should we do it every day?

(Maybe not because I’ve heard that could lower chances because of lower sperm count)

Should we do SMEP?

Should we just do every other day?

(Ok what day would I have to start on to land on O day...also, isn’t the day before O day even more important?)

Also I hate when people tell me to “just have sex! Just do it and it’ll happen”

Soooo annoying because my husband doesn’t have a high sex drive and so honestly if it’s not planned out it probably won’t happen. Sorry we don’t have crazy spontaneous sex 2-3 times a

Ok this turned into a rant. But seriously, it’s so frustrating trying to plan out your fertile I the only person with this problem?