My love and I // married at 19 years old

Tiffany K • USAF Vet ✈️ | Married at 19 💗 | Princeton 👶🏽 | currently pregnant

This is me and my husband. December 19th, will mark our 1 year anniversary of us being married. We got married at 19 years old, while we were both in the military. I was medically discharged but he is currently active duty. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, and we’re currently ttc for our beautiful rainbow baby. We’ve encountered SO MUCH stress + negativity from friends and family since we made the decision to get married. (We’re still experiencing it) But somehow we always find a way to block out the negativity and move forward. We’ve been in 2 apartments within the past 8 months and as of yesterday we finally have a place to call our very own. We have a house! We love each other so much and despite the negativity we’re doing well, making each other happy + loving each other more and more everyday. Marriage isn’t easy, especially being married young, but I would say “YES” all over again if he asked.