So this is very serious.


I have a wonderful two year old. I did breast feed her, but only for about 2 weeks. My milk dried up very soon after. Flash forward today, I’ve been having this problem for a little while now. It’s only my right boob. Lately that boob hurts, like dull hurt aching kinda like PMS type pains. Mind you, I’m in a b cup so I’ve never had any boob pains until they started growing after I had her. The only way I can ease the pain is if my squeeze my boob and discharge comes out. It’s like similar to when your boobs are full of milk and start to hurt I guess?

Has anyone had this issue? I’ve tried contacting my doctor about it but they don’t seem so concerned. Previous times it happened it was white and clear and now it’s just clear. It’s only a small amount. It’s just an annoying pain. I haven’t felt any lumps either that I know of.