Soo It’s been couple months that I’ve been out a 7years on and off relationship this time around was filled with lots of drama with us both, cheating and miscarriage soo I’m just over it and trying to heal and be happier and healthier because I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety but lately for the past week I’ve been better than the past.

Soo I signed up for POF (dating site) and it was just to explore and see who I come across, explore, and meet new people, so I met one guy and he seemed nice and caring but he hustles the white stuff and I’m not about to be around someone like that especially when I have a child, the second guy was ok we actually clicked but then he said he’s into threesome and because I’m not into it he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore no hard feelings. But the most interesting is this last guy I met yesterday so we have been texting back and forth and finally decided to meet up after talking for the three days, to see a movie, soo the day to meet up it got really late and I wasn’t feeling to go see a movie anymore and we decided to just meet up half way chill and talk, so I get to our location and I told him I’m there and I see someone totally different that was in the picture come to my car, so I remained calmed in the moment acted like all was well and I didn’t want to bring it up saying “like hello you loook different” so we end up vibing well it was a night full with laughter and just a alright night for me, so the next day I texted him and said “ I’m confused about one thing” and I sent the picture he sent me and said “who is this?!!!!” He said it’s his cousin and he used his profile because he doesn’t have one and doesn’t like his face all over the net and I said you sound like you have something to hide...he’s still messaging me and saying it was nice seeing etc. I just don’t get why he did this whole catfish thing, because he’s not even ugly, pretty mature and sensible..soo I’m just confused!!