Social media bullshit?

I been with my SO in a relationship for 10 months, ever since we ended up talking and eventually being together I noticed he looks up a specific girl on ALL HER SOCIAL MEDIA, which to me is usually no biggy. I never cared about the "ig models" or pretty women on any of that. But he then started telling me particular stories about the girl.. like gossip more like. Sentences likes "did you see her baby daddy?" Or stuff like "I can't believe she is with that guy" so i did my research on his FB because to me none of that should even natter. If you go to his page and search for a person name it shows you all the comments they wrote to each other pics shared and etc. Well, there was a lot lol. Come to find out this is his ex girlfriend.. but it's a EVERYDAY LOOK UP, a EVERYDAY STATEMENT about her like he is so concerned of her moves in life. And now she's pregnant and just the type of things he says and how it's said is weird and I really don't give a shit about her but see she is known on fb I guess fb famous I don't know lol so I know of her but never met her and at first I just thought it's some far away social media crush B's lol but no it's more than that. Or was anyway. But my question is should be okay with it that he is somewhat like obsessed or something it's annoying and I kind of think it's wrong but idk if I'm over reacting?