things are changing... PLEASE HELP!!!


i know this is long asf but please read the whole thing.... 😭💔

let me start by saying that my boyfriends best friend hates me because my boyfriend broke up with me when we were 12 because i wouldn’t have sex with him so for like 3 years i was still butthurt over it so i decided to keep playing mind games with him for a while until a while ago (like 9 months) when i decided to actually give him another chance. now one night, i was at my boyfriends house and his best friend facetimes him so i answer. his best friend is being rude asf to me. telling me he doesn’t like me and pretty much that me and my boyfriend shouldn’t be together because i played him before and that i was wrong for getting mad because my boyfriend lied for like 3 years about being having sex when really he was a virgin the whole time (which led to other problems that are on my profile) all the meanwhile my boyfriend is just laying there letting his best friend talk to me crazy asf. i get it’s normal to not the person to does your bff wrong but 1. he did we wrong first 2. a man should never let another man disrespect his woman regardless. he should only check her in private. after we got off the phone with his best friend, i started balling my eyes out because wtf? i was embarrassed and sad that he didn’t stick up for me... so a few weeks ago i was talking to my boyfriend and i finally came out and told him that i feel as though if anything ever happened that i feel like he wouldn’t protect me since he let his best friend disrespect me right in front of him. he said he had a feeling i felt like that but he never wanted to say anything about it and that he would protect me and stuff but of course, i can’t just go off of words but only what u show me and he’s shown me that he wouldn’t protect me.. so lately he’s been kind of distant from me and he gets annoyed at me kind of quick now and i notice because ya know, a girl always notices changes in her relationship. so tonight i asked about it and he said he’s been distant since i told him that and after he assured me that he would protect me, i didn’t believe him so he took a step back like wtf. so i told him that that’s kinda like punishing me for how HE made ME feel.. and he said he understands why i feel like that but it was a hard pill to swallow.. and idk. he just keeps getting annoyed at me for stuff i can’t do anything about. i told him we should take a break but he didn’t want that.. idek, wtf do i do? PLEASE HELP!!!!

i’m 19 and he’s 21 btw lol.