Help please??

I am 16 years old and this is kinda a long story so I'll start from the beginning. I messed around with a guy last year. We basically sent nudes, sexted, and made out, ik ik I shouldn't have sent nudes but I did so too late now. We didn't end things on a good note.

One of his friends, we'll name him R and I were good friends and we were flirting a lot at the end of the year and he dmed me when the summer started saying he wanted to be fwb. I wanted to at first and then I decided it's too much work bc I can't drive yet and I wouldn't have an excuse to hang out with him. I told him that I didn't want to and he replied asking for a bj as a "sorry gift" so I was hella pissed off bc he's acting like he deserves this which he ofc doesn't so I cut him off.

This year started and I was still mad and distanced myself from both of them. Except I recently started talking to R again and he is so nice and considerate and it's really weird for me to remember that it's the same guy who was a dick over the summer. I also found out that a couple of guys in my school, R including, had a bet to get a bj first which is why he was so desperate. I don't really know what to make of this. Now I kinda want to be fwb with R bc he has a really nice body but I'm not sure if I should because of how he acted over the summer. Shd I follow my sex drive and have fun with him or not?